Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunset: the end of a manic period

Sunset, originally uploaded by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton.
I've been somewhere between euthymic and hypomanic for about four weeks now. My psychiatrist has worked very hard with me to manage this episode. I think I have changed my life significantly during this period. I haven't played a computer game in five or six weeks. Instead, I've been actually accomplishing things, including:
- applying as a volunteer photographer at the Missouri Botanical garden, and I'm told I will soon be one of 10 or 11 official volunteer photographers.
- I've started managing my time better and better, using Google tasks.
- I'm spending more time in devotionals and meditation
- I've been walking between four miles and six miles per day, eating more fruits and vegetables,
- I've lost 8 or 9 pounds in five weeks.

As usual, my biggest source of conflict is with my best ally and my most beloved person: my wife.
Because of talking with a Buddhist chaplain, I've made it a point in the last two days to simply go along with my wife, Grace, instead of fighting her will. The Chaplain suggested that when she thinks I'm well, I will be well, and to trust her in that. I'm trying.

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