Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hospital time, Join me if you can!

Hi, friends!
I'm in the hospital voluntarily, which I guarantee is the best way.  I'm only Euthymic, which means a little below Hypomania, which itself is less severe as Mania.
So, my Dr., my lovely and concerned wife, and I are trying to head this off at the pass.  It seems to be working, and it's still fun to be in the hospital if you are a little manic.  The only problem is that I almost have no one to talk to.   Let me diagram the situation:  d=depressed, ( is conversant, and CNP = crazy, nuts and psychotic.  So yesterday most of the day our section of the hospital looked like this:

( ddddddddddddddddddddddd CNP

Not much fun.   One person with whom I could have a reasonable conversation,  CNP who was often quite entertaining, and a bunch of people wandering around in a completely, seemingly mindless, depression.
Well, late in the afternoon of, both  Ms. Conversant an Ms. CNP departed, in quite different ways.
Ms. Conversant, was released, quite sad for me, and Ms. CrazyNuts in the arms of at least four people to an area devoted to people just like her.  There are many stories I could tell you about Ms. CNP, but the last straw was when she appeared in the lunch room to make a phone call to Mr. Nobody, with her face covered in baby powder, looking like a warrior from New Guinea (except for the nose bone).  Then she scooped off the whipped cream from her brownie, while at the same time dropping the brownie to the floor, continuing her non-conversation on the phone, and wiping the whipped cream on her chin.  That's when the troops arrived, and also when the Unit became very calm, lonely, and boring.
Fortunately, today, another Bipolar person has arrived, and though she is also an Apostle, knows when the world will end, and thinks I'm part angel and part devil (she may be right on that one), at least she's interesting, and will talk. . .and talk. . . and talk.
Fun in the hospital. . . very unlike the Diabetes or Heart sections, I assume.
I'll try to keep you posted !! Don't worry, I'm fine. . . all Manic-Depressives KNOW they are fine when they are up.
Sorry, no picture this time 'till later. . .flickr, facebook, my space, etc. are all locked out.

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