Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm so happy I could dance!!

Last night at our young adult DBSA (depression & bipolar support alliance) meeting, I asked everyone what they would think of having a weekly meeting, instead of just twice a month. I got an enthusiastic as well as nearly unanimous "yes, that would be great!".
Then I said that in order to do that, we would need at least two more facilitators to be trained. Almost without missing a beat, two people volunteered, and a third said she could "pinch hit" on occasion.
So, I asked them to stay after class ;-) at the end of the meeting and the four of us sat down and settled on a time and place for a group training session. I want our second facilitator, Christina, to be there also, so share of her experience. I also have another member of the group I want to ask to join us , if he can.
That would mean a grand total of SIX facilitators! Which means great coverage, and the no one will get "burned out". It also means that we can have a weekly meeting, so no more wondering "is this the 2nd or 4th Tuesday?".
I'm delighted, and I could just dance the day away.

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