Thursday, July 08, 2010

Just Part of my list of 100 things that make me happy!!

Just for kicks you can make your own list. It comes in handy when I become depressed.  The list reminds me of what is important in my life, and also what cheers me up.  This is part of my "preparedness" or "safety plan" for times when I can't find anything in the world to get out of bed for. Yesterday, I saw # 13 on my list:

6) Snuggling with my wife.
7) Talking to a good Friend.
8) Taking photos
9) Lying on the grass on a warm, breezy day
10) Having hands and feet
11) Having eyes and ears
12) wiggling my toes in mud
13) watching a sensuous sunset
14) traveling – Period
15) becoming more self-aware
16) gaining insights into how people function
17) singing and playing my guitar
18) making music with others
19) singing with a good choir
20) listening to almost any kind of music
21) the sound of a brook burbling
22) watching a Blue Morpho butterfly fly past me
23) seeing a child’s eyes light up with delight
24) seeing someone be pleasantly surprised
25) looking at my sweetheart’s face (yes, that’s my wife).

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